Convert Your Lifelong Blended Learning Experiences Into Recognised Carrer Progressive Qualification

An opportunity to convert to a Career Progressive Professional Qualification by taking into any individuals Lifelong Blended Occupational Learning

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The UKCKA has Five Levels of Lifelong Blended Professional Qualifications.

UKCKA – Level 2 | Certified Knowledge Diploma
Equivalent to Level 2 of the NQF / NVQ
UKCKA – Level 3 | Certified Knowledge Advanced Diploma
Equivalent to Level 3 of the NQF / NVQ
UKCKA – Level 4 | Certified Higher Knowledge Diploma
Equivalent to Level 4 of the NQF / NVQ
UKCKA – Level 5 | Certified Executive Knowledge Diploma
Equivalent to Level 5 of the NQF / NVQ
UKCKA – Level 6 | Certified Post Graduate Knowledge Certificate Equivalent to Level 6 of the NQF / NVQ

Convert your Lifelong Hand on Work Experiences to an Accredited Professional Knowledge Awards!

Learning can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including through volunteer work and paid employment. However, employers don’t often acknowledge this ‘on the job’ training because they sometimes focus more on formal credentials. The Career Academy understands how time-consuming and trustrating it can be to keep saying things you already know. As a result, we’re pleased to assist you in obtaining a certificate or diploma based on your Professional background, educational background, and skill set. To help you credit your hard-carried experience toward the modules of a certificate at our institute, we offer a FREE Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) evaluation.

To execute the application, the applicant must contact us for a free evoluation of his/her academic qualification and work experience. Then must submit all the relevant supporting documents, with a fully completed application and Non-Refundable Authantication Registration Fee of 75 UK Pounds. The payment must be made directly to the UKCKA’s International Learning Faciliator London School of Media and Management (LSMM) The membership is faciliated through two dedicated approval schemes. The UKCKA Certified Membership is offered under the spesific criteria of Professional Quality Management Standards. The membership is focused upon individuals who have accumulated their knowledge either by working or learning or already passed courses. RPL enables you to obtain an industry- recognized qualification at a significantly reduced cost, tiem, and effort by utilising your prior education and  job experience. When applying, you must provide a copy of your resume as well or any prior credentials that could attend to your expertise and abilities.

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